01-Exercises - For Am-NAF


On this page I will give some BASIC lessons for the "Am-Native-American-Flute (NAF)."  The Am-NAF has two important natural scales, the A-minor-Pentatonic-Scale (Video-1-2) and the C-Major-Scale (Video-3-4). You can create many more scales, but you will need to know the chromatic tone steps, which would be an advanced lesson.


VIDEO-1-2 - How to play the "A Minor Pentatonic Scale" - on the Am Native American Flute:   PDF

The first step is to know your materials/tones Am-Pentatonic-Scale (5 tone scale), which is the easiest way to get a feeling for the Native American Flute and their related songs. The High Spirit Flutes come mostly with a leather band around the 3rd hole from the top, which enables you to play just the "Pentatonic Scale." After introducing the Am-Pentatonic-Scale you will find an exercise which teaches you in a step by step mode all tone of the Am-Pentatonic-Scale.


When playing along with the VIDEOS and your flute sounds off, play around with more or less air.

HIGHER: More/harder air flow higher the tone,

LOWER: softer/less air flow makes the tone lower.


The lower tones of the NAF need a little less air. The higher tones need a little more. The highest tone is call an "overblown" tone, you need to play stronger/louder/harder to get it.






VIDEO-3-4 - How to play the "C-Major-Scale" - on the Am Native American Flute:  -  PDF

The first part teaches you the C major scale with long tones going up and down two times. The second part speeds up and makes you play each 2 tone combination 3 times ending on a long tone.





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