Prokofiev, Sergie

Prokofiev was one of many composers I admired from early childhood on. Like my self he started composing from an early age on, which was not always appreciated, and he wrote educational piano pieces and of cause the by all children loved "Peter and the Wolf."


As a teenager my first vist to the Frankfurt Opera was for the Ballet "Romeo and Julia." To this day on I remember this colossal orchestration for the "Dance of the Night." Unknowingly I listen to my later Flute Teacher Rolf Bissinger right there, hidden in the orchestra pit.


Prokofiev - Music for Children - Opus 65- PDF - VIDEO :  

 1   Morning ........... VIDEO  
 2   Promenade ....... VIDEO    
 3   A Little Story .... VIDEO
 4   Tarentella ......... VIDEO   
 5   Regret .............. VIDEO   
 6   Waltz ............... VIDEO   
 7   March of the Grasshoppers ..... VIDEO   
 8   The Rain and the Rainbow ...... VIDEO  
 9   Playing Tag ....... VIDEO  
10  March ............... VIDEO  
11  Evening ............ VIDEO   
12  The Moon Strolls in the Meadow ... VIDEO  


Prokofiev - Dance of the Knights - From Romeo and Juliet:

MUS - PDF - ZIP - VIDEO   VIDEO-Orchestra




Prokofiev - Peter And The Wolf - In 29 Little Scenes- PDF - VIDEO

Prokofiev - Peter And The Wolf - Peter's Theme - MUS - PDF - ZIP - PDF-Complex - VIDEO  



The Story of "Peter and the Wolf"

Do you know the story of Peter and the Wolf? Perhaps you've heard a recording or seen a video? Let's begin with a quick review to help remember what takes place.


Peter lives with his grandfather. One day, Peter goes out into the nearby meadow, leaving open the garden gate. A little bird greets him, chirping from a tree branch. A duck follows Peter into the meadow and starts swimming in the pond. The bird and the duck argue with each other. A cat comes along and begins stalking the bird and the duck. Just as the cat is about to attack, Peter warns them. The bird flies to the tree and the duck swims to safety in the middle of the pond.


The grandfather comes out and reproaches Peter for being too near the forest and warns him about the danger of the wolf. They return to the house with the gate safely locked behind them. A wolf comes out of the forest and the cat goes up the tree. The bird, still in the tree, carefully keeps a safe distance from the cat. The duck, now back on shore, is attacked and eaten by the wolf in one gulp. The wolf circles the tree trying to figure out how to get to the cat and the bird.


Peter, watching from behind the gate, grabs a rope. He climbs the wall and quietly goes onto a tree branch; Peter tells the bird to distract the wolf. He forms a noose with the rope and lowers it, catching the wolf by the tail. Peter ties his end of the rope to the tree branch. Hunters emerge from the forest and shoot at the wolf, but Peter convinces them to help take the wolf to the zoo, instead. Peter triumphantly leads the way; the hunters follow with the wolf; the grandfather joins them, grumbling; the cat tags along; and the bird flies overhead. At the very end, you can hear the duck inside the wolf, because the wolf swallowed the duck alive.







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